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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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Largest places in Greece
Kalamata Kalamáta451.Peloponnese Peloponnese54,100
Kalamata Kalamáta452.South Aegean South Aegean54,100
Kalamata Kalamáta453.Thessaly Thessaly54,100
Kalamata Kalamáta454.West Greece West Greece54,100
Kalamata Kalamáta455.West Macedonia West Macedonia54,100
Kavala Kavála456.Attica Attica54,027
Kavala Kavála457.Central Greece Central Greece54,027
Kavala Kavála458.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia54,027
Kavala Kavála459.Crete Crete54,027
Kavala Kavála460.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace54,027
Kavala Kavála461.Epirus Epirus54,027
Kavala Kavála462.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands54,027
Kavala Kavála463.North Aegean North Aegean54,027
Kavala Kavála464.Peloponnese Peloponnese54,027
Kavala Kavála465.South Aegean South Aegean54,027
Kavala Kavála466.Thessaly Thessaly54,027
Kavala Kavála467.West Greece West Greece54,027
Kavala Kavála468.West Macedonia West Macedonia54,027
Chania Chaniá469.Attica Attica53,910
Chania Chaniá470.Central Greece Central Greece53,910
Chania Chaniá471.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia53,910
Chania Chaniá472.Crete Crete53,910
Chania Chaniá473.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace53,910
Chania Chaniá474.Epirus Epirus53,910
Chania Chaniá475.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands53,910
Chania Chaniá476.North Aegean North Aegean53,910
Chania Chaniá477.Peloponnese Peloponnese53,910
Chania Chaniá478.South Aegean South Aegean53,910
Chania Chaniá479.Thessaly Thessaly53,910
Chania Chaniá480.West Greece West Greece53,910
Chania Chaniá481.West Macedonia West Macedonia53,910
Katerini Kateríni482.Attica Attica53,293
Katerini Kateríni483.Central Greece Central Greece53,293
Katerini Kateríni484.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia53,293
Katerini Kateríni485.Crete Crete53,293
Katerini Kateríni486.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace53,293
Katerini Kateríni487.Epirus Epirus53,293
Katerini Kateríni488.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands53,293
Katerini Kateríni489.North Aegean North Aegean53,293
Katerini Kateríni490.Peloponnese Peloponnese53,293
Katerini Kateríni491.South Aegean South Aegean53,293
Katerini Kateríni492.Thessaly Thessaly53,293
Katerini Kateríni493.West Greece West Greece53,293
Katerini Kateríni494.West Macedonia West Macedonia53,293
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli495.Attica Attica52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli496.Central Greece Central Greece52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli497.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli498.Crete Crete52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli499.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli500.Epirus Epirus52,979

451 - 500 of 6500 places
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