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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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Largest places in Greece
Kifisia Kifisiá551.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá552.Epirus Epirus47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá553.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá554.North Aegean North Aegean47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá555.Peloponnese Peloponnese47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá556.South Aegean South Aegean47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá557.Thessaly Thessaly47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá558.West Greece West Greece47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá559.West Macedonia West Macedonia47,332
Agrinio Agrínio560.Attica Attica46,899
Agrinio Agrínio561.Central Greece Central Greece46,899
Agrinio Agrínio562.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia46,899
Agrinio Agrínio563.Crete Crete46,899
Agrinio Agrínio564.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace46,899
Agrinio Agrínio565.Epirus Epirus46,899
Agrinio Agrínio566.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands46,899
Agrinio Agrínio567.North Aegean North Aegean46,899
Agrinio Agrínio568.Peloponnese Peloponnese46,899
Agrinio Agrínio569.South Aegean South Aegean46,899
Agrinio Agrínio570.Thessaly Thessaly46,899
Agrinio Agrínio571.West Greece West Greece46,899
Agrinio Agrínio572.West Macedonia West Macedonia46,899
Chaidari Chaïdári573.Attica Attica45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári574.Central Greece Central Greece45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári575.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári576.Crete Crete45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári577.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári578.Epirus Epirus45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári579.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári580.North Aegean North Aegean45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári581.Peloponnese Peloponnese45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári582.South Aegean South Aegean45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári583.Thessaly Thessaly45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári584.West Greece West Greece45,642
Chaidari Chaïdári585.West Macedonia West Macedonia45,642
Komotini Komotiní586.Attica Attica45,631
Komotini Komotiní587.Central Greece Central Greece45,631
Komotini Komotiní588.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia45,631
Komotini Komotiní589.Crete Crete45,631
Komotini Komotiní590.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace45,631
Komotini Komotiní591.Epirus Epirus45,631
Komotini Komotiní592.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands45,631
Komotini Komotiní593.North Aegean North Aegean45,631
Komotini Komotiní594.Peloponnese Peloponnese45,631
Komotini Komotiní595.South Aegean South Aegean45,631
Komotini Komotiní596.Thessaly Thessaly45,631
Komotini Komotiní597.West Greece West Greece45,631
Komotini Komotiní598.West Macedonia West Macedonia45,631
Sykies Sykiés599.Attica Attica44,955
Sykies Sykiés600.Central Greece Central Greece44,955

551 - 600 of 6500 places
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