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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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Largest places in Greece
Piraeus Piraeus51.West Greece West Greece163,688
Piraeus Piraeus52.West Macedonia West Macedonia163,688
Larisa Lárisa53.Attica Attica144,651
Larisa Lárisa54.Central Greece Central Greece144,651
Larisa Lárisa55.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia144,651
Larisa Lárisa56.Crete Crete144,651
Larisa Lárisa57.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace144,651
Larisa Lárisa58.Epirus Epirus144,651
Larisa Lárisa59.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands144,651
Larisa Lárisa60.North Aegean North Aegean144,651
Larisa Lárisa61.Peloponnese Peloponnese144,651
Larisa Lárisa62.South Aegean South Aegean144,651
Larisa Lárisa63.Thessaly Thessaly144,651
Larisa Lárisa64.West Greece West Greece144,651
Larisa Lárisa65.West Macedonia West Macedonia144,651
Peristeri Peristéri66.Attica Attica139,981
Peristeri Peristéri67.Central Greece Central Greece139,981
Peristeri Peristéri68.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia139,981
Peristeri Peristéri69.Crete Crete139,981
Peristeri Peristéri70.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace139,981
Peristeri Peristéri71.Epirus Epirus139,981
Peristeri Peristéri72.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands139,981
Peristeri Peristéri73.North Aegean North Aegean139,981
Peristeri Peristéri74.Peloponnese Peloponnese139,981
Peristeri Peristéri75.South Aegean South Aegean139,981
Peristeri Peristéri76.Thessaly Thessaly139,981
Peristeri Peristéri77.West Greece West Greece139,981
Peristeri Peristéri78.West Macedonia West Macedonia139,981
Irakleion Irákleion79.Attica Attica137,154
Irakleion Irákleion80.Central Greece Central Greece137,154
Irakleion Irákleion81.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia137,154
Irakleion Irákleion82.Crete Crete137,154
Irakleion Irákleion83.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace137,154
Irakleion Irákleion84.Epirus Epirus137,154
Irakleion Irákleion85.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands137,154
Irakleion Irákleion86.North Aegean North Aegean137,154
Irakleion Irákleion87.Peloponnese Peloponnese137,154
Irakleion Irákleion88.South Aegean South Aegean137,154
Irakleion Irákleion89.Thessaly Thessaly137,154
Irakleion Irákleion90.West Greece West Greece137,154
Irakleion Irákleion91.West Macedonia West Macedonia137,154
Kallithea Kallithéa92.Attica Attica100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa93.Central Greece Central Greece100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa94.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa95.Crete Crete100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa96.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa97.Epirus Epirus100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa98.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa99.North Aegean North Aegean100,641
Kallithea Kallithéa100.Peloponnese Peloponnese100,641

51 - 100 of 6500 places
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