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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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Largest places in Greece
Glyfada Glyfáda151.North Aegean North Aegean87,305
Glyfada Glyfáda152.Peloponnese Peloponnese87,305
Glyfada Glyfáda153.South Aegean South Aegean87,305
Glyfada Glyfáda154.Thessaly Thessaly87,305
Glyfada Glyfáda155.West Greece West Greece87,305
Glyfada Glyfáda156.West Macedonia West Macedonia87,305
Volos Vólos157.Attica Attica86,048
Volos Vólos158.Central Greece Central Greece86,048
Volos Vólos159.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia86,048
Volos Vólos160.Crete Crete86,048
Volos Vólos161.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace86,048
Volos Vólos162.Epirus Epirus86,048
Volos Vólos163.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands86,048
Volos Vólos164.North Aegean North Aegean86,048
Volos Vólos165.Peloponnese Peloponnese86,048
Volos Vólos166.South Aegean South Aegean86,048
Volos Vólos167.Thessaly Thessaly86,048
Volos Vólos168.West Greece West Greece86,048
Volos Vólos169.West Macedonia West Macedonia86,048
Ilion Ílion170.Attica Attica84,793
Ilion Ílion171.Central Greece Central Greece84,793
Ilion Ílion172.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia84,793
Ilion Ílion173.Crete Crete84,793
Ilion Ílion174.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace84,793
Ilion Ílion175.Epirus Epirus84,793
Ilion Ílion176.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands84,793
Ilion Ílion177.North Aegean North Aegean84,793
Ilion Ílion178.Peloponnese Peloponnese84,793
Ilion Ílion179.South Aegean South Aegean84,793
Ilion Ílion180.Thessaly Thessaly84,793
Ilion Ílion181.West Greece West Greece84,793
Ilion Ílion182.West Macedonia West Macedonia84,793
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli183.Attica Attica78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli184.Central Greece Central Greece78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli185.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli186.Crete Crete78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli187.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli188.Epirus Epirus78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli189.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli190.North Aegean North Aegean78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli191.Peloponnese Peloponnese78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli192.South Aegean South Aegean78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli193.Thessaly Thessaly78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli194.West Greece West Greece78,153
Ilioupoli Ilioúpoli195.West Macedonia West Macedonia78,153
Keratsini Keratsíni196.Attica Attica77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni197.Central Greece Central Greece77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni198.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni199.Crete Crete77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni200.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace77,077

151 - 200 of 6500 places
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