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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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Largest places in Greece
Keratsini Keratsíni201.Epirus Epirus77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni202.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni203.North Aegean North Aegean77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni204.Peloponnese Peloponnese77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni205.South Aegean South Aegean77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni206.Thessaly Thessaly77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni207.West Greece West Greece77,077
Keratsini Keratsíni208.West Macedonia West Macedonia77,077
Khalandrion Khalándrion209.Attica Attica74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion210.Central Greece Central Greece74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion211.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion212.Crete Crete74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion213.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion214.Epirus Epirus74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion215.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion216.North Aegean North Aegean74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion217.Peloponnese Peloponnese74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion218.South Aegean South Aegean74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion219.Thessaly Thessaly74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion220.West Greece West Greece74,192
Khalandrion Khalándrion221.West Macedonia West Macedonia74,192
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni222.Attica Attica73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni223.Central Greece Central Greece73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni224.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni225.Crete Crete73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni226.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni227.Epirus Epirus73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni228.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni229.North Aegean North Aegean73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni230.Peloponnese Peloponnese73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni231.South Aegean South Aegean73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni232.Thessaly Thessaly73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni233.West Greece West Greece73,076
Nea Smyrni Néa Smýrni234.West Macedonia West Macedonia73,076
Marousi Maroúsi235.Attica Attica72,333
Marousi Maroúsi236.Central Greece Central Greece72,333
Marousi Maroúsi237.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia72,333
Marousi Maroúsi238.Crete Crete72,333
Marousi Maroúsi239.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace72,333
Marousi Maroúsi240.Epirus Epirus72,333
Marousi Maroúsi241.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands72,333
Marousi Maroúsi242.North Aegean North Aegean72,333
Marousi Maroúsi243.Peloponnese Peloponnese72,333
Marousi Maroúsi244.South Aegean South Aegean72,333
Marousi Maroúsi245.Thessaly Thessaly72,333
Marousi Maroúsi246.West Greece West Greece72,333
Marousi Maroúsi247.West Macedonia West Macedonia72,333
Agios Dimitrios Agios Dimitrios248.Attica Attica71,294
Agios Dimitrios Agios Dimitrios249.Central Greece Central Greece71,294
Agios Dimitrios Agios Dimitrios250.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia71,294

201 - 250 of 6500 places
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