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Largest places in Greece

The largest cities and places in Greece at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Greece.

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501 - 550 of 6500 places
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Largest places in Greece
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli501.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli502.North Aegean North Aegean52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli503.Peloponnese Peloponnese52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli504.South Aegean South Aegean52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli505.Thessaly Thessaly52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli506.West Greece West Greece52,979
Alexandroupoli Alexandroúpoli507.West Macedonia West Macedonia52,979
Lamia Lamía508.Attica Attica52,006
Lamia Lamía509.Central Greece Central Greece52,006
Lamia Lamía510.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia52,006
Lamia Lamía511.Crete Crete52,006
Lamia Lamía512.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace52,006
Lamia Lamía513.Epirus Epirus52,006
Lamia Lamía514.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands52,006
Lamia Lamía515.North Aegean North Aegean52,006
Lamia Lamía516.Peloponnese Peloponnese52,006
Lamia Lamía517.South Aegean South Aegean52,006
Lamia Lamía518.Thessaly Thessaly52,006
Lamia Lamía519.West Greece West Greece52,006
Lamia Lamía520.West Macedonia West Macedonia52,006
Irakleio Irákleio521.Attica Attica49,642
Irakleio Irákleio522.Central Greece Central Greece49,642
Irakleio Irákleio523.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia49,642
Irakleio Irákleio524.Crete Crete49,642
Irakleio Irákleio525.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace49,642
Irakleio Irákleio526.Epirus Epirus49,642
Irakleio Irákleio527.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands49,642
Irakleio Irákleio528.North Aegean North Aegean49,642
Irakleio Irákleio529.Peloponnese Peloponnese49,642
Irakleio Irákleio530.South Aegean South Aegean49,642
Irakleio Irákleio531.Thessaly Thessaly49,642
Irakleio Irákleio532.West Greece West Greece49,642
Irakleio Irákleio533.West Macedonia West Macedonia49,642
Xanthi Xánthi534.Attica Attica48,221
Xanthi Xánthi535.Central Greece Central Greece48,221
Xanthi Xánthi536.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia48,221
Xanthi Xánthi537.Crete Crete48,221
Xanthi Xánthi538.East Macedonia and Thrace East Macedonia and Thrace48,221
Xanthi Xánthi539.Epirus Epirus48,221
Xanthi Xánthi540.Ionian Islands Ionian Islands48,221
Xanthi Xánthi541.North Aegean North Aegean48,221
Xanthi Xánthi542.Peloponnese Peloponnese48,221
Xanthi Xánthi543.South Aegean South Aegean48,221
Xanthi Xánthi544.Thessaly Thessaly48,221
Xanthi Xánthi545.West Greece West Greece48,221
Xanthi Xánthi546.West Macedonia West Macedonia48,221
Kifisia Kifisiá547.Attica Attica47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá548.Central Greece Central Greece47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá549.Central Macedonia Central Macedonia47,332
Kifisia Kifisiá550.Crete Crete47,332

501 - 550 of 6500 places
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